Jacqueline Weycker

Position title: Audiology Graduate Student

Email: weycker@wisc.edu

Head shot of Jacqueline Weycker


I am currently a first year audiology graduate student and received my B.A. from University of Wisconsin-Madison in Communication Disorders and Sciences with a certificate in Global Health. I started in the Litovsky Lab in fall of 2016 and will be helping with various projects throughout my graduate career. Before pursuing my doctorate in audiology, I worked as an undergraduate student research assistant in the Connor and Fowler laboratories in the school of medicine and public health and institute on aging studying swallowing disorders and hearing and aging.

I am interested in binaural hearing and speech perception in noise for cochlear implant users as well as hearing and aging, public health and audiology, and working with a multitude of populations who need audiology services. It is important to me to be an informed clinician who uses evidence based practice and is sensitive to different cultures and backgrounds when navigating such an intimate and crucial part of the communication process.